Parent Breeds: Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier
Colors: Red,Cream,White,Black With Cream
Coat: Long Smooth
Shedding: Non Shedding
Personality: Outgoing, Happy,Medium Activity
Similar Breeds: Maltese,Yorkshire Terrier,Yorkiepoo,Maltipoo
Country: United States

History: This hybrid was born from a combination of Maltese and Yorkshire. we are able to find 2 distinct origins, the primary one returning from the u. s. and also the second from Canada, a lot of found in Quebec. the primary Morkie appeared in 1990’s and had characteristics like hanging or down ears, the smooth and straight coat, colors from black and tan to tricolor. it’s not possible to seek out the creators of this designer dog as a result of the sole interest is to get the F1 kind popularized within the same wave because the “doodles” by Americans. the combo remained in style as a result of it’s non shedding coat, little size and attention-grabbing “look”. On the opposite hand, the temperament differs, singly, starting from calm and soft to active and nervous, all, however, with an interesting intelligence. The second comes from (fire) Mrs. GaĆ©tane Blanchette of St-Lin, torrid stock raiser, United Nations agency named it “Linois”. Linois is tiny size dog that contains a long, smooth coat of solid blond to champagne with straight ears and short tail just like the terrier. this sort has a lot of of the geographical region temperament and is each active and playful with an interesting intelligence.